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Welcome to this website with lots of interesting contents published by Jayshree & Jyotindra Zaveri.

This site focuses on:

Yoga videos, how to meditate, how to do meditation, what is meditation.

Meditation techniques, Preksha meditation, Muni Mahendra,

Travel, Jain.  Webmaster: Jyoti, Social Media consultant and trainer.

Table of contents - select subject and topic of your choice.

Meditation: Preksha Dhyan

Stress Management - Relaxation

Therapeutic thinking - Anupreksha

Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar

Meet my brother.  A Jain Saint.  Āgama Manishi. Scholar and Author.


Anupreksha - Concentration - Contemplation -  Reflection
Anuvrat - Atomic vows - Common people guidelines
Conquer Fear - Half-baked knowledge - fear breeding ground
Economics - Non-violence
Pratikraman - forgiveness science
Preksah dhyan - Meditation - Therapeutic Thinking - Anupreksha
Preksha Dhyan - Acharya Shri Mahapragya
Preksha dhyan - Eminent Doctors discuss meditation
Preksha Dhyan - Meditation system - Stress management
Preksha meditation - lectures - Jyotindra Zaveri
Preksha meditation - Preksha Dhyan
Preksha meditation presentation - Scientific view point
Preksha Meditation teachers
Preksha Meditation- Preksha Dhyan- Deep Breathing
Preksha Vahini - Spiritual blissful life - Preksha Meditation

Abdul Kalam - Book - Enigma Universe -Muni Mahendra Kumar
Books - Muni Prof Mahendra Kumar ji
Dalai Lama  - Muni Mahendra Kumar - Jain Muni - Conference
Economics confenerce - Jain Economics
Eight Karma - Jain - Karma Theory
Florida International University - Jainological studies
Guru Acharya Shri Mahashraman
Jain - Muni Prof Mahendra Kumar - Preksha Meditation
Jain Acharya Shri Mahashraman
Jain Biology book - Jethalal Zaveri - Muni Shri Mahendra Kumar
Jain Scriptures -Acharanga Bhasyam - Ecstasy Utterance
Neuroscience -  Karma book - Muni Mahendra Kumar
Wisdom -  Knowledge - Interview - Jain saint Mahendra Kumar

Health Products, Health after Forty.  Get rising sun benefits by using Conybio Products.

Jetha Lal S. Zaveri

Meet my Father.  The great industrialist & meditation teacher. 

Adventure, Wildlife & bird watching



Conybio products - better health
Headache - Migraine - Sinus - Insomnia - no medicine
Health after Forty

Arun Jethalal Zaveri - meditation teacher
Dr Rashmikumar Zaveri - Brother Mahendra Muni - Jyotindra Zaveri
e Tribute Jetha bhai Zaveri
Father Jethalal Zaveri e-Tribute
Human Body - Book - Author J S Zaveri
Jethalal Zaveri life sketch - Preksha meditation expert
Jethalal Zaveri major milestones - professional - spiritual life
Micro-cosmology - Atom - Jain philosophy - Science
Samayasara Book Translated English
Samayasāra Book excerpts Jain metaphysics
Science - Dying - Courage - rational thinking
Vakil Asha - Expert Preksha meditation teacher

Tadoba National Park
Wildlife Sanctuaries

Computer Stuff

Social and Culture

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